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The Steve Biko Foundation is a community development organisation inspired by the legacy of Bantu Stephen

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Located in the Ginsberg Township of King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape, the Centre focuses on translating global

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01 September – 30 September

2017 Steve Biko Month Events Calendar

Inspiration Beyond A Lifetime

September 12th, 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the murder of Bantu Stephen Biko in police detention. Steve Biko, who was born on December 18th, 1946, would have been in his 70th year.


To commemorate the milestone, the Steve Biko Foundation has curated a series of events under the banner “Steve Biko 40 Years On: Inspiration Beyond A Lifetime”, in order to celebrate the life and legacy of the inspirational leader who died at the early age of thirty.


The 40th anniversary commemorative programme consists of a series of resuscitative comparative engagements that will mobilise South Africans and the global community to reflect on the advancement of human rights for all the peoples of the globe through Biko’s lens.


Some of these activities include youth dialogues, the 18th Annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture, social history engagements, exhibitions and performances, publications, a colloquium and sports activities.


For more information about the “Steve Biko 40 Years On: Inspiration Beyond a Lifetime” programme please contact the Steve Biko Foundation’s Senior Programmes Manager, Ms. Bokang Pooe, via email: bpooe@sbf.org.za or call 043 605 6757.


Please see the full calendar here:

2017 Steve Biko Month Events Calendar


21 September 2017 


The Legend of a Xhosa Warrior

The Steve Biko Foundation, in partnership with Amava Heritage Publishing, will host a two hours long discussion about this new book on the life and times of Xhosa King, Maqoma,  ‘Maqoma: The Legend of a Great Xhosa Warrior’ by Timothy J. Stapleton, at the Steve Biko Centre in Ginsberg, King William’s Town.


Against the background of the decades-long resistance by the Xhosa people to the relentless invasion by the British armed forces on the eastern frontier of the Cape Colony, Maqoma was recognized both as a brilliant military leader, and as an astute negotiator.


When accommodation and diplomacy failed in the 1850s, Maqoma used his skills as a general and tactician to lead a guerrilla campaign, ultimately unsuccessful, against the British army. Imprisoned as a rebel on Robben Island for 12 years, Maqoma was paroled in 1869.


When he attempted to resettle on his stolen land, however, he was re-banished to the infamous island prison, where he died under mysterious circumstances in 1873.  And yet the name of this complex and inspirational leader lives on in memory and legend.


Date: Thursday, 21st September 2017

Venue: The Steve Biko Centre, One Zotshie Street

Ginsberg, King William’s Town

Time:        18:00 – 18:30

RSVP: rsvp@sbf.org.za or call Mr. Mwelela Cele on 043 605 6700


For more information about the book launch please contact Mwelela Cele via email: mwelela@sbf.org.za or call 043 605 6700.

26 September 2017 


The Testimony of Steve Biko &

No Fears Expressed

The Steve Biko Foundation and Pan Macmillan South Africa invite you to the launch of The Testimony of Steve Biko and No Fears Expressed both books edited by Millard W. Arnold.


The Testimony of Steve Biko: On 2 May 1976, senior counsel for the defence in the trial of nine black activists in Pretoria called to the witness stand Stephen Bantu Biko. Although Biko was known to the authorities, and indeed was serving a banning order, not much about the man was known by anyone outside of his colleagues and the Black Consciousness Movement. That was about to change with his appearance as a witness in the SASO/BPC case.


No Fears Expressed: First published in 1987, No Fears Expressed is a compilation of quotes taken from the words of the activist and Black Consciousness leader, Steve Biko. Sourced from the iconic I Write What I Like, including the collection of Biko’s columns published in the journal of the South Africa Student Organisation under the pseudonym of ‘Frank Talk’, as well as from The Testimony of Steve Biko this book contains many inspirational quotes and thoughts that are still relevant in South African society today.


Date: Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Time: 18:00 for 18:30

Venue: The Steve Biko Centre, One Zotshie Street, Ginsberg, King William’s Town

RSVP: rsvp@sbf.org.za or call 043 605 6700


For more information about the book launch please contact Mwelela Cele via email: mwelela@sbf.org.za or call 043 605 6700.

29 September 2017 


Umngqungqo Wabantu

The Steve Biko Foundation presents an evening with Andile Yehana live at the Steve Biko Centre in Ginsberg, King William’s Town.


Yehana’s love for music was triggered at an early age. He grew up in a household where music was really loved. His father, Felix Thamsanqa Yenana, had a huge collection of music, ranging from jazz to Motown, and other forms of urban black music and this had a huge influence in Andile’s life.


He joined Zim Ngqawana’s quartet and worked with Zim Ngqawana on all 5 of his albums, including San Song recorded with Bjorn Ole Solburg and his Norwegian San Ensemble. He has also worked on the pan-African music project Mahube with saxophonist Steve Dyer and others.


He has also worked as arranger for Sibongile Khumalo, Gloria Bosman and Suthukazi Arosi. In 2005 he was selected as the 2005 Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz. Andile Yenana is a South African pianist who made an indelible mark switching from teaching to studying jazz and produced and working with many South African as well as international artists, He is also a sought after pianist.


Date: Friday, 29 September 2017

Time: 18:00

Venue: The Steve Biko Centre, One Zotshie Street

Ginsberg, King William’s Town

RSVP: rsvp@sbf.org.za or call 043 605 6700/36


For more information about the Jazz session please contact Xolani Kapakati, via email: xkapakati@sbf.org.za or call 043 605 6700/36.

2017 Steve Biko Month Events Calendar
Maqoma - Legend of Xhosa Warrior
Testimony of Biko Book Launch
Andile Yenana Quintet

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