Steve Biko Foundation Programmes

Given the dual challenges of leadership and consolidation of democracy, the Steve Biko Foundation works extensively on leadership development. The Foundation’s emphasis is on developing multiple layers of leadership with an approach that integrates the personal, political and professional. In this model, an individual’s sense of self—their values and beliefs—finds expression in both their political representations and professional conduct. The proposition of the Steve Biko Foundation focuses on developing a cadre of leadership whose mandate extends beyond the boundary of the company, seeking to develop leadership not only for success, but for significance. Accordingly the Foundation’s leadership development focuses on: Consciousness, Community and Core Skills


In post-apartheid South Africa much has been made of the skills shortage and leadership development. Consequently, alongside the provision of access to traditional training grounds...

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The Foundation seeks to empower communities to not only serve as respondents to national dialogue, but to feature in framing the issues and developing alternative paradigms.

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Core Skills

While the bedrock of the Foundation’s intervention is developing conscious leadership, SBF seeks to complement this element by creating access to skills development opportunities.

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Arts and Culture

The intangible yet integral elements of development: arts, culture and history, are central components of the Foundation’s work. Utilising these tools, SBF: Empowers youth to actively shape and express a positive sense of self through social history and the arts promotes the link between identity, agency and social action develops role models and fosters peer learning…

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The education program: Develops curriculum drawing on the legacies of marginalized individuals and communities to promote diversity. Advances school reform by encouraging community participation in school governing bodies as well as capacity building and leadership training for both school administrators and learners. Sponsors a secondary school debate series, which serves as a platform for promoting youth participation in local, provincial, national and global policy dialogue…

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Enterprise Development

The Steve Biko Foundation recognizes the link between economic realities and human dignity. It seeks to advance economic justice by empowering individuals and communities to develop sustainable livelihoods. The SBF’s approach is underpinned by the principle of self-reliance and aims to assist in diminishing degrees of uncertainty and vulnerability in the lives of the economically disadvantaged.

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Sports Development

One of the platforms through which SBF achieves these objectives is through the annual Steve Biko Memorial Games. Held in August and September of each year, the tournament encourages the development of skills in a variety of sporting codes, display existing talent and contribute to social cohesion. Participants include schools, clubs and community members, many of whom have been beneficiaries of SBF’s training and development interventions.

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International Dialogue

Integral to the work of the Foundation are Public Lectures, Seminars and Publications. This series of activities contributes substantively to the goals of SBF by promoting leadership, stimulating critical debate…

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Research, Policy and Publications

With the establishment of the Library and Archives, the Steve Biko Centre is fast becoming the home base from which many scholars undertake various research projects. Having attracted academics from abroad and within South Africa’s borders, the Research, Policy and Publications unit is allowing a generation of materials on topics ranging from human rights to socio-economic constructs within South Africa.

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